First of all, I’ll quickly confess that the fishcakes have met their long-term hibernation in the freezer and move on.

In good news the chef is back on duty at home on Sundays. Which means someone knows what they’re doing and we didn’t have to eat the same thing again.

In a major financial catastrophe, we dropped in at the Asian Grocer today and MAN, should we have known better.

In fun news we also have every possible Asian condiment, accompaniment, dried fish flake, chilli-looking-sauce-thing, paste-thing, large cleaver thing, mortar and pestle (not the biggest but the second biggest) and also ceramic chopsticks that make it even more difficult to pick up sloppy noodles coated in sauce (when you’re at home though you can just go get a fork and be done with it).

Recounting Cal’s methodology in the kitchen would actually be quite dull because let’s face it no one needs to hear how great someone else is at cooking (Yes, that’s why we all really like watching Masterchef, hint: it’s not when everyone nails their dish) so we’ll skip this bit.

Suffice to say, laksa is way easier than I thought and frankly I’m beginning to wonder if this whole cooking thing is a bit of a conspiracy. Oh and in the spirit of full disclosure, it may be worth also confessing a this stage that the laksa paste was store bought but whatever (don’t confront Calum please he will get a bit upset I’ve outed him here).

Anyway, in the midst of all Calum’s capable actions, there was one lovely moment during which the barely functional can opener posed a serious threat to certain laksa success. The coconut cream went everywhere, everyone was getting a bit frustrated, some were mainly amused.

Anyway, next time it’s my go and for once I think I may have actually absorbed my little cooking lesson so standby for less mishaps next week. And also a reprise of the dreaded ragu that WILL BE reborn. Take that sustainability.

Not an expert

Not an expert