2. Fish Cakes

Following the lack-lustre ragu I decided to bench Alice Waters for the fishcakes round. Google never fails (decisive advantage of not being human) and having found a recipe for the ‘ultimate’ fishcakes I was pretty sure I had this in the bag.

I boiled the potatoes, threw in the fish that had kind of congealed in a rather unappetising way and started massaging it together. At this point I also noticed the last bowl of leftover potato and leek soup hanging sadly at the back of the fridge.

Brainwave! Potato and leek soup goes into the mix too and I’m feeling a bit proud of my laissez-faire culinary flair (while also saving the environment). But of course I should have known there is no reward for innovation when it comes to following recipes (and certainly no reward for saving the environment).

In goes the egg too and a bit of chopped parsley and onion. Things seemed to be shaping up alright and despite having already eaten half a block of fruit and nut chocolate (seems tucking the block into the back on the pantry after pinching out each row was not enough of a preventative measure) I was hungry and ready to go.

Everything was perfect, ‘ultimate’ you might say, until I tried to flip the fishcakes over. I managed to chip the three little buggers off the pan but by the time they were facing the other way it was clear I needed a contingency plan.

Brainwave (again!): Potato hash, right?! So I just smashed them all up until there were a few little golden brown patches, dispatched them onto a plate, squirted some lemon and ate.

I retained hope that if I returned the rest of the mix to the fridge for a sleep that by morning the mix would have changed its mind and be more interested in binding. Breakfast fish cake success!

Not an expert

Not an expert